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La Antigua Guatemala Nestled at 4,500 feet amid the spectacle of three majestic volcanoes, Antigua is bathed in a delicious climate of eternal spring, retaining the charm of its baroque colonial heritage. One meanders along the cobblestone streets and enjoys the pastel colors and wrought iron details of its facades to the soft trickling melody of its century old stone fountains.

This colonial jewel of a town has been classified a world heritage site by UNESCO and monument of the America's since 1979. Most who visit fall under its charm and soon come to classify it as a source of well being and inspiration and thereafter contribute to nurture the well-kept secret of its existence.

What to find in Antigua While holding true to its traditional spirit, Antigua boasts all the conveniences to make one's stay delightfully comfortable. An array of fine restaurants present varied and delicious recipes of local and international cuisine. Shops offering fabrics, jade, antiques and a wide range of arts and crafts speckle the town. Bilingual bookstores, museums, spa & workout facilities, medical and legal offices can be readily found.

Last but not least, our uniquely authentic Quinta Maconda inn is a haven in this already special environment in which you can just relax or stage an exceptional Guatemala experience.

Communication in Antigua Antigua is a destination where tradition and technology blend harmoniously, offering you the benefits of enjoyment and relaxation in an authentic setting without being out of touch. As our guest at Quinta Maconda you will have access to our mobile phone option and as a house courtesy Wi-Fi internet connection so as to let you wander and be connected.

How to get here Antigua is seamlessly accessible by direct flights from Europe and the Americas. Upon arrival at Guatemala City's international airport you will be welcomed by our driver and whisked in 45 minutes to our Quinta Maconda inn, seemingly so close, yet in spirit and charm light years away from the 21st century.

Beyond Antigua Visitors will in a short drive find an array of activities ranging from the best sail fishing on the continent, to, in Aldous Huxley's own words, "the most beautiful lake in the world." The Guatemalan highlands, strewn with 33 lofty volcanoes, is the home of Maya communities who grace their colorful costumes as they did for centuries. Local markets abound and are a very authentic and animated affair.

An hour's flight away and you find yourself in the heart of the Maya World on the stepping stone of exploration to Tikal, Copan, and numerous lost cities of the Maya civilization. Imagination is the only limit to your adventure. Quinta Maconda will craft your custom adventures, including heli-safaris, sport fishing, indigenous culture, archaeological exploration and 4x4 journeys to the hidden Guatemala.

Looking foward to your visit.

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"Charmed in Antigua"
Readers Report

I visited Guatemala last winter and was pleased to see your article "Update: Antigua , Guatemala / Quinta Maconda" in the January /February

Antigua is one of the neatest towns I have visited in the Americas . It has the look and feel of a 18th century Spanish town and has been transplanted in a verdant Guatemala valley surrounded by towering volcanoes.

The dining and accommodations are unexpectedly first class. Given Antigua 's shopping, and its excellent services, I'm not the least surprised this jewel of
a place is gaining recognition.

Brooke Ronner
San Francisco, CA