AAGill; Guatemala feature
"The Ruins of Uaxactun"
January, 2004
Stayed at Quinta Maconda
& Rancho Corozal.








"Au-dessous des volcans "
May, 2002




QM Signature Journeys & Hideaways
Integrated Hospitality & Travel Services

For up to 8 guests, we offer an unparalleled Guatemalan experience.

Quinta Maconda offers its guests a one-stop travel experience. Explore the country and enjoy its flavors while keeping a home base at a hotel of your own. 

Quinta Maconda in Antigua is the ideal highland base from which to explore neighboring or remote points of interest. At the end of each day's adventure you will return to the cozy and Old World comfort of Quinta Maconda. You will enjoy the authentic setting and soothing climate of Antigua, a delightful Spanish colonial World Heritage town with first-class restaurants and shopping. 

When you are ready to travel beyond -- on your way to Tikal and the Maya world -- experience the unique setting of Rio Dulce at our jungle river retreat, Rancho Corozal.

We invite you to experience the untamed beauty of this land, its people, traditions and arts. And bring home memories of a truly unforgettable experience. Guest book

QM Signature Journeys: our travel philosophy

In a well run, stately home in a distant country, the owner knows the secrets of the land and its habits. At Quinta Maconda this also holds true. As our guest, should you want to experience the emotions of a memorable journey, we would be delighted to share our experience with you and choreograph your Mesoamerican adventure.

For us, crafting a journey is teamwork where you are an integral part of the team. We work one-on-one, as we would with friends: one journey at a time, caring for details and listening to your preferences and limitations.

Quinta Maconda offers a collection of exclusive travel options and an insider's look at the authentic Guatemala & Beyond. We custom design your journeys to provide you with the thrill of an intimate and ultimate experience in a remarkable country. The components of each journey or outing are carefully selected for their inherent qualities of privacy, personal attention, character, culture, style, taste, and beauty. And, as a backdrop, we use the breathtaking scenery, ancestral customs, and traditions of a yet-undiscovered Guatemala.

Journeys Out of Quinta Maconda

At your request, we will custom design your Guatemala journeys Out of Quinta Maconda: from a day's outing to the thrill of weeks of continuous adventure, sports, and leisure.

How we work:
Predesigned travel bundles:
Offered at a flat rate.
Custom Tailored Journeys:
Tailored trips are fee based. To insure transparency for our guests and clients, we negotiate preferential rates and benefits with our service providers and then add a 25% -30%* of total invoice as a travel design & coordination fee. (*Depends on extent of services)

The service partners we use, we have determined to be the best and most reliable in the country. Whether it is helicopters, private plane charters, fishing fleets & captains, rafting, guides, drivers, partner inns, or jungle retreats, safety, reliability, service, and comfort, are our foremost concern.


WATCH! This is how we travel

Bali Trance 2000

"John Heaton, belongs to the great tradition of travelers. More than a dilettante, he relishes encounters with remote people and is inspired by the beauty of the places where they live. There is hardly a corner of Guatemala he does not know"

H.M.A. Richard Lavers - (ex-British Ambassador to Guatemala) - Harpers Bazaar (UK) June - 2006

Travel & Service Options to Inspire: Let us know your preferences

Helicopter Safaris (day trips & overnights)
Explore remote highland indigenous communities, fly over spectacular lakes and pristine jungles, level with the towering volcano peaks of the Sierra Madre. A days' helicopter adventure between heaven & earth in Guatemala will offer you an unparalleled experience and breathtaking perspective on the country.
Private journeys

Private Plane Charter (day trips & overnights)
True luxury is that of one's own schedule. We can suggest an alluring combination of destinations: charters to Copan (Honduras), Tikal or Rio Dulce (Guatemala), Belize, and more...

Sport Fishing (1.15 hour drive to the Pacific coast)
Believe it or not, Guatemala boasts what professional anglers agree is the best sail-fishing in the world: billfish sailfish and marlin, as well as dorado, yellow fin tuna, rooster fish, and more. Come and enjoy the thrill of a truly world-class angling experience.  
Private charter

Volcano climbing & hiking (day trips)
Antigua is crowned by three towering volcanoes; Guatemala has a total of 33. The choice is yours. Take a day trip and enjoy a picnic with a glass of Chablis on a volcano with a view. Among several options, you can trek along indigenous mountain trails overlooking the deep blue of a mountain lake, or hike the grounds and have lunch at a 19th century coffee and ornamental plant farm.
Collective or private journeys.

Rafting (1-3 day trips)
Rafting in Guatemala is seasonal; our partner rafting specialists offer exciting menus for collective outings or will craft an expedition especially for you. Rafting day trips out of Quinta Maconda are available in season.
Collective or private journeys.

Mountain Biking (1- 7 day trips)
Guatemala is a mountain-biking paradise, our partner specialists will lead you to the top of the world or wind you through pristine rain forest trails. We can also helicopter you and your gear to tread new ground in Guatemala's wilderness.
Collective or private journeys.

4x4 Adventure (1 day to several weeks)
If time is on your side, a 4x4 journey is an unforgettable way to experience the soul of the land of Guatemala. After years of exploring the country, we have come to the conclusion that the true adventure and beauty of Guatemala is about the journey, not only the destination.
Private journeys

Horseback Riding (2-7 days; or day trip by helicopter)
We have identified several riding options that will make for a unique horseback experience across extraordinary terrain. Day outings around Antigua are also available.  
Collective or private journeys
Connect with the Highland Maya (day trip or ethnological safari)
One has not truly visited Guatemala if one has not connected with the world of the highland Maya, their ancestral customs, and rituals. When highland indigenous communities celebrate their patron saint days are ideal times to visit and observe the colorful rituals of traditional religion.  
Private journeys

Archaeological Safaris (day trip to several weeks)
The Peten region of Guatemala possesses the lost jungle cities of the Maya. That in itself ignites the imagination. We can arrange your 4x4 or helicopter safari to remote temple cities in the company of seasoned archaeologists. Or trek with mule packs and set up camp, following in the footsteps of the 19th century explorers.
Private journeys

Partner Inns & Jungle Lodges 
We are selective and will only recommend those establishments that have proven to offer our guests the welcome, hospitality, and service that characterizes the principles of Quinta Maconda's handmade lifestyle. Quinta Maconda  handmade lifestyle partners can be found in: Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Mexico & Peru.

Please contact us should you wish arrangements for an unparalleled Peruvian adventure, or to include any of these destinations in your Guatemalan journey.

Private House Rentals
During our travels, we have selected for your enjoyment some delightful properties: from luxurious coastal villas in Mexico to jungle retreats in Guatemala & Peru. These are available for rent by the week or month. Most have full or partial staff and service. All have the character and charm that embodies our handmade lifestyle criteria.

Golf & Country Club (50 minute drive from Antigua)
Guatemala boasts some first-class golf courses. We can arrange day memberships for our guests at a selection of the best Golf & Country Clubs around Guatemala City.

Medical Tourism
Guatemala boasts premier medical services at a fraction of the cost of the United States or Europe. Dentistry, dermatology, plastic surgery; doctors are all bilingual, US-trained and often have practices in the United States.

Inquire about QM's custom-designed week or weekend Health & AdventurePackages
Includes: adventure, exploration, culture, sports, leisure, health, well being.

Inquire about QM's Beyond Antigua add-on travel options

Including: Belize, Honduras, Tikal & the Maya World

Should you have additional interests, we can arrange almost anything; there is a good chance we have done it ourselves.

Whether for today or tomorrow, contact us: this is when your journey begins.

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